Maeng Da Kratom: Explained

Maeng Da Kratom: Explained Maeng Da Kratom is definitely one of the more popular products available on the market today. Not sure why? You’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll break down the origin of this plant, how the powder that you purchase is created, and we’ll also touch on what makes Maeng Da […]

Borneo Kratom: Explained

Borneo Kratom: Explained More Than Just a Massive Rainforest… As one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, it’s no surprise that Borneo has also become home to a handful of Kratom strains. While Kratom did not originate in Borneo, the big island has produced a favorable product that many people prefer today. Products […]

Indo Kratom: Explained

Indo Kratom: Explained Regardless of how experienced you are with Kratom, you know that there are a number of strains available on the market today. A few popular strains are Maeng Da, Bali, and Borneo, each of which come in either Red, White, or Green. The origin and leaf vein color are what help to […]

Growing Kratom for Beginners

Growing Kratom for Beginners Let’s face it – Not everyone in our society has a green thumb. Many people wish they did, and many people actually make a valiant effort to successfully grow fruits, vegetables, and just plain old plants, but always seem to come up short. Though very eco-friendly and self sustaining, gardening or […]

Kratom Extract vs Kratom Powder

Kratom Extract vs Kratom Powder – A Comparison Kratom Extract vs Kratom Powder If you’re newer to the Kratom community, you’ve probably heard about Kratom powder much more than you’ve heard of Kratom extract (if ever). While Kratom powder is the original product that many people have sold for decades, Kratom extract is a newer […]