Kratom Extract vs Kratom Powder - A Comparison

Kratom Extract vs Kratom Powder

If you’re newer to the Kratom community, you’ve probably heard about Kratom powder much more than you’ve heard of Kratom extract (if ever). While Kratom powder is the original product that many people have sold for decades, Kratom extract is a newer product that’s been formulated to be more concentrated than the powder itself.

Before we take a deep dive into comparing the two products, let’s start at the beginning to make sure you’ve got all the details necessary to make informed decisions.

What is Kratom, Technically?

For a more extensive breakdown, you can visit our What is Kratom blog, but here’s a quick and to the point explanation:

kratom tree on white backgroundOtherwise known as Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a tree species (in the Coffee family!) hailing from most of Southeast Asia, and a few other countries with a similar climate. Fully matured, the trees stand at about 20 feet tall and have beautiful green leaves. There are three main strains of Kratom, which are represented by the color of the veins in the Kratom leaves: Red, White, and Green. There is also a Yellow species, but there’s been less documentation on this because it’s a hybrid strain.

The Kratom plant has been used for hundreds of years, primarily in its origin countries, as a form of medicinal treatment – soldiers, farmers, and families used this plant. The leaves are traditionally destemmed and ground into powder form, though throughout the years there have been alternative methods in which Kratom has been used. Regulation on Kratom is dealt with differently, really depending on location. The people and farmers in Thailand for example, have experienced many ups and downs, and have faced potential economical failure due to the inconsistent ruling on this plant.

Over the past few decades, Kratom has gained popularity in other countries, inclusive of the United States. While Kratom has not been banned from the US, it has also not been deemed safe by the FDA, and there has not been any sort of medical evaluation for treatment, cure, or prevention of any diseases. There are many people advocating for this to change, as research and progress in this industry could be so beneficial to our citizens.

What is Kratom Powder?

kratom extract on burlapNow that we’ve explained the plant species and what it’s traditionally used for, let’s explain what Kratom powder is. 

Kratom powder starts as a regular Kratom leaf. Farmers typically have to wait until the leaves have matured enough, and they harvest the Kratom in batches. Once they’re harvested they have to endure a rigorous wash process, before being set out to dry. This wash ensures that we’re getting the purest form of Kratom possible.

Once the leaves have completely dried, they’re then destemmed and processed for grinding. Most Kratom farmers have industrial machinery that they’re able to use to complete this process in bulk.

The result of this process is a fine Kratom powder, which is then typically sold in larger quantities, or encapsulated and sold in bulk. 

What is Kratom Extract?

What is Kratom extract, and why does it look so similar to Kratom powder? Great question! Now that you understand Kratom powder better, we want to give you a breakdown on what Kratom extract actually is.

In simplest terms, it’s Kratom extract is a highly concentrated form of the original Kratom powder. If you saw the two products side by side, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Kratom extract does come in both powder form, and liquid form, so it’s the dry product that you would get confused for traditional Kratom powder.

Kratom powder with a spoon on a tableKratom extract goes through a longer alkaloid processing period, which results in a thick paste-like substance. This paste is taken and finished into extract form, which can be up to 15 times stronger than your regular powder. Because of this, we do recommend a smaller amount per use.

Why would you need extract? Another great question! It would technically be up to personal preference. We obviously do not recommend anyone who is new to Kratom to dive right into extracts, but someone who has more knowledge and experience might find that the extract is more convenient, or a stronger substance that they prefer. 

Some people have chosen to create their own extracts, but we do not traditionally recommend this route. Clearview Harvest and many other reputable Kratom retailers utilize laboratories for quality assurance and consistency.

As with all products, Kratom is sold for research and educational purposes. Any sort of experimentation should be conducted by an adult, at their own risk. Your own informed research will help you truly identify your preferences in this scenario.

Shop Quality Kratom Products

Now that you’ve discovered the key differences between Kratom Powder and Kratom Extract, we invite you to browse our selection of quality Kratom products. We always recommend utilizing a reputable, knowledgeable retailer when you order Kratom. 

Clearview Harvest guarantees premium quality products, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you feel confident in your purchase. We work with dedicated farmers and suppliers who create pure products, and we have third party lab testing to verify this. 

Our knowledgeable and friendly team are available to answer any questions you may have, just reach out to us here!