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Different from the red and green strains of Kratom, white Kratom is not anywhere near as common amongst regular Kratom users. Keeping consistent, this strain of Kratom is named after the color of the plant’s veins and also comes from Southeastern Asia.

White Kratom also has a different appeal than its counterparts, which is detailed further within our Kratom strain breakdown. Though there are differences in each strain, the process of creating Kratom powder remains the same. Once harvested, the plant goes through a de-stemming procedure and the leaves are ground into the product we offer today.

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At Clearview Harvest we commit to sourcing the highest quality white Kratom powder and are happy to provide detailed lab testing for customer confidence. We never use harsh chemicals and do not add any pesticides to our products. Just all natural white vein Kratom for you to enjoy.

What’s even better: All of our products have a 30 day money-back guarantee. We don’t like unhappy customers. Our team is proud of the hard work and effort that went into selecting the white Kratom products we offer in our shop! We want to continue creating products that our community will enjoy and benefit from. We always look forward to your feedback and help in expanding our product offering.

Learn More about White Kratom

If your curiosity is getting the best of you and you’re looking to learn more about the plant, it’s history, and the future of the Kratom industry, head over to our Learning Center! We’ve curated a vast selection of content to answer the many questions we’ve received throughout the years. We’ll break down different strains of Kratom, talk about legislation, and even compare strains to different supplements available today. If you’d just like to read more on White Kratom specifically, we’ve got you covered! 

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