Meet the Clearview Harvest Team

Here at Clearview Harvest, we’ve got a dedicated team working day in and day out on product research, quality, testing, and packaging, all to ensure we’re bringing you the very best quality of Kratom on the market.

For years we’ve each been on our own personal Kratom journey, and we feel compelled to share our knowledge and experiences with our community here. We’re Kratom advocates and we want to help contribute to normalizing and legalizing Kratom. 

We started Clearview Harvest to help spread awareness and provide reliable and reputable Kratom products for our customers to enjoy. We want to continue to research and develop an extensive Kratom product selection that we’re proud to promote within the community.

Kratom About Us

Our values will always come first:

In addition to us sharing our wealth of knowledge and experiences, we always welcome your feedback and suggestions. We want this to continue to evolve, and that’s only possible with the support and transparency from the Kratom community. 

We’re excited for you to shop our Kratom selection, and we look forward to making you a Clearview Harvest customer for life!