Growing Kratom for Beginners

young kratom leavesLet’s face it – Not everyone in our society has a green thumb. Many people wish they did, and many people actually make a valiant effort to successfully grow fruits, vegetables, and just plain old plants, but always seem to come up short. Though very eco-friendly and self sustaining, gardening or planting is really not the easiest task in the world. Growing your own Kratom is no different!

Scoring the Seeds

Obtaining Kratom seeds is nearly impossible (especially in the US & Canada), but if you do manage to succeed with step one, it’s highly unlikely that they’re actually viable and will make it through a full growth period. Time is not on your side when you’re growing Kratom! In a matter of days after harvesting, the seeds quickly fall short of being able to produce another tree. Again, if you’re able to find legitimate seeds, make sure to get plenty so you can plant them all, as each seed will not germinate.

Indoor or Outdoor?

hands holding soilSo let’s think about where the Kratom trees are native to originally. Southeast Asia and Indonesia are primarily where the trees grow — both of which are humid, warm climates with the perfect soil for Kratom growth. In order to successfully grow your own Kratom, having appropriate soil and perfect humidity levels are going to be most important.

For this reason, in most cases it’s not recommended to try and grow Kratom outside (especially in the US). Our weather is just too unpredictable and unstable. Your best option would be to have a combination of temperature controlled, well lit area (best to use High Pressure Sodium lights) indoors. You need to be able to control the lighting, humidity, and temperature. If you can’t do this, it’s highly probable you won’t be able to grow Kratom. Humidity is such a huge factor in the chemical makeup of your tree and can without a doubt affect the alkaloid content. If you aren’t sure what humidity level is appropriate in this situation, we recommend checking the climate in which you bought your seeds from!

Last but not least, you have to have good soil to start growing Kratom. It needs to have a proper balance of retaining that moisture, but also draining well and not remaining wet regularly. This might be a new term, but the soil you’re using should have higher humus (animal or plant decay) levels than normal. When there are higher humus levels in your soil, it just means that the soil needs less nutrients to produce.

Roots Are Showing! What’s Next?!

If you’ve made it to this point in your Kratom growing journey, congratulations! You’ve made it much further than anyone we’ve talked to in our community to date. You probably already know this, but you still have a long way to go before your Kratom plant will be ready for harvesting.

It traditionally takes about two years for a Kratom tree to mature, and by this point it’ll be an incredibly tall tree! Once you do reach maturity, you’ll want to pull the leaves just before you’d expect them to fall on their own.

kratom being muddled into tea

When you’ve got your batch of leaves ready for processing, you’ll need to then thoroughly rinse the batch and set each leaf to dry individually (you can hang them or place them on a rack so they are fully exposed to dry.

The last step in this process is taking those dry leaves, destemming and grinding them! The destemming can be done by hand, and you’ll probably end up grinding the leaves by hand as well. 

Once you’ve got your finished product, just make sure to store it in an airtight container in a dark location. Visit our blog on keeping Kratom fresh for all you need to know storing Kratom appropriately.

Growing Kratom Too Tough?

We know it’s quite a taxing process to attempt to grow your own Kratom, but we wanted to provide the step by step instructions in case any of our readers were bold enough to give it a shot. If anyone does successfully complete this mission, please reach out to us and let us know how it went! 

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Happy Growing!