Yellow Gold Kratom Powder


As a hybrid blend of both Red and White strains, this Yellow Vein Kratom packs a punch you’re sure to enjoy. Our quality Kratom is harvested and curated with our customers’ satisfaction in mind.

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Premium Yellow Gold Kratom 

black and white map wijth a marker over the country of Borneo

Our Yellow Vein Kratom, Yellow Gold, is a unique blend harvested in Southeast Asia, with rich soil and the perfect climate to create the quality Kratom we have available today.

This product is offered in a variety of sizes for your convenience. If you are just testing the product out, you can start off small, or if this is your favorite strain and you’d like to stock up, you can do that too! 

If you’re interested in the variety of Kratom strains we have available, check out our powders & extracts today!


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Weight5 oz
Dimensions5 × .25 × 7 in


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