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An overall balanced product, Green Vein Borneo is perfect for someone who might be new to the Kratom community, but it’s also great for those who are experienced with Kratom. While other products are more powerful and harsher, this Green Borneo Kratom is just a perfectly smooth experience from start to finish. Help us help you! If you’ve previously ordered this product, please give us feedback below!

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Borneo on a mapThe warm climate and rich soil in the lush Borneo jungle is what contributes to it’s Kratom trees producing a premium product that Kratom buyers all over the world enjoy on a regular basis! As the third largest Island in the world, Borneo is the perfect breeding ground for Green Vein Kratom.

If you’re looking to explore the variety of Kratom products that Clearview Harvest offers, be sure to check out our collection. If you’re just interested in learning more about the plant, where it came from, and what so many people advocate for today, check out our learning center!

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