Debunking Pure Kratom Myths

At Clearview Harvest, we know that the Kratom community is very expansive and diverse. We’ve met curious minds who are completely inexperienced with the plant, and we’ve also heard stories of positivity, overcoming challenges and obstacles, all thanks to Kratom. We want to make sure that all of our customers are well-informed, and so today we’re debunking a few common myths about Kratom. We’re sure this is not an all-encompassing list, but these are important conversations we’ve seen happening around the web and in our community. We want people to be armed with the truth, rather than stories conjured up from a few games of ‘telephone’.

5 Most Common Myths About Kratom

1. Kratom is addictive

  • There are no clinical or scientific studies showing that Kratom is addictive. While it could become habit-forming, like many things in life, it is not a proven ‘addictive’ supplement. The FDA released a warning specific to the potential for addictive qualities, but researchers combat this with studies showing that the two principal alkaloids in Kratom, mitragynine & 7-hydroxymitragynine, can bond to the body’s opioid receptors, but not at levels anywhere near that of prescription pills or heroin, for example.

2. There are no quality standards in Kratom production

  • Many reputable and responsible pure Kratom retailers go through rigorous third-party laboratory testing to ensure the product that they’re receiving from production and putting on the market is legitimate. The lab reports should include contact information and any accreditation that is verifiable (i.e. ISO 17025 accreditation). 
  • There are many ‘shady’ people & companies who will sell poor quality, impure Kratom. Unfortunately, there’s also the possibility for retailers to create fake ‘certificates’, or make false claims about the potency of their products – that’s why doing proper research and being a proactive consumer are so important!

3. Kratom has caused death

  • While reports suggested that Kratom caused a significant number of deaths between 2017-2019, further research shows that many of the people in these cases had a history of substance misuse, and almost all of them had evidence of other substances in their system. Various substances mentioned were heroin, tranquilizers, prescription opioids, and cocaine.
  • While we know that this is misinformation that has been spread, we always encourage customers to do their due diligence before they purchase Kratom. As mentioned in the previous point, there are many reputable, pure Kratom retailers in the US, but there are also companies who do not hold quality and purity above revenue. Always be careful and be proactive in your purchase journey. Clearview Harvest offers certification of third party laboratory testing to give peace of mind to our customers.

4. Kratom only comes in powder form

  • Kratom is offered in many different forms. While Kratom powder is most common in the community, it can also be sold in extract and capsule form. At Clearview Harvest, we currently have pure Kratom powder & extract available for purchase. As research & development on the plant evolves, it’s inevitable that Kratom will be created in new forms to purchase. Our team is incredibly excited to continue to explore the possibilities on this front!
  • Pro tip: If you prefer capsules over powder, we highly recommend ordering the capsules directly, rather than ordering the powder and making your own. Without the necessary equipment, you could potentially pollute your Kratom powder with unknown chemicals or ingredients.

5. Kratom is illegal in the US

  • While the FDA & DEA are interested in federally regulating Kratom and consideration has gone into labeling Kratom as a schedule I substance, nothing has yet passed indicating this is the case. Kratom is legal in many states, though regulation is decided at a state and municipal level at this point. If you aren’t sure if it is legal in your state, make sure to do thorough research before you purchase Kratom!
  • Advocacy is vital to keep the Kratom conversation moving in the right direction. The American Kratom Association continues to pursue conversations with the FDA and regulatory offices in an attempt to see further research and development with this plant to show that it’s safe and should not be banned. Not only will this benefit the millions of people who utilize pure Kratom on a regular basis, but it also stands to positively impact manufacturers and retailers.

We hope that you’re better informed now than you were when you first landed here, and hopefully the debunking we were able to do has given you peace of mind in continuing your Kratom journey.

The Clearview Harvest Guarantee

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